in wellbeing.

This is where your days begin and end, and where you frequently indulge in a moment of self care. It can be yours, the kids’, or the visitors’. It just has to be practical and have a personality (and show it). Did you consider custom-made furniture? It makes all the difference in any bathroom.

Exclusive design

This is one of the advantages of creating your own bathroom furniture. It will not be the same as eveybody’s. You will get what you want, how you want it, with the details you want.


For life

If having to remodel a bathroom sounds like a nightmare to you, relax. We use resistant materials, which remain impeccable, for a long time.


Practical but distinctive

Custom made allows you to decide exactly what is indispensable, useful or necessary in each bathroom and allows you to tailor it exactly to your own taste and whims.



Set up the music, the reading, the candles and the salts and… close the door. Make your bathroom a space where you can relax with serenity. With everything organized to take you out of your routine: where everything you need for your day to day life fits.
To enjoy, without stress.

Request quote

If you already have an idea of what you wish for and all you need is a customized quote, tell us all about it. All you have to do is gather the information about your project and fill out the form.

Details that matter. A lot.

Each bathroom is a world of its own, and there is a universe of choices to suit your requirements. Is it going to be your private oasis or for the whole family, just for the kids, or to receive guests? The criteria is yours, we take care of the details.

Welcome to the Studio

Are you an architect, a decorator, an interior designer, a construction or rehabilitation company? Talk to the STUDIO. Our office dedicated to professionals, offers personalized technical service, project design, exclusive solutions, and special conditions. We are here to make your idea happen.


1. What does the bathroom project include?

Design, production and installation of all furniture designed by us. You will have the support of the technical team to check measurements, electrical connections and existing plumbing, if applicable.

2. Do you install floor and wall tiles?

We do not carry out building or surface coating work. When starting the project you must indicate which materials you will be using to ensure consistency with your furniture.

3. What if I already have the taps and sanitary ware?

Share with our team what you already have. We will take everything into account to maintain a consistent style and achieve a functional result, but the project does not include the installation of these crockery or accessories.

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Feeling curious?

Come and visit us.

If you are looking for ideas, come take a closer look at the options available and get inspired by the décor displays in our showroom. Schedule a personalized visit to your nearest store and get advice from our team, in all tranquility and safety.
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