It takes more than clothes
to make a closet.

Having everything in sight, in place and in order, is halfway to starting or ending each day the perfect way, right? And we know that clothes alone don’t make a closet. That is why we optimize storage spaces with intelligent organization systems.

Made to fit

Like a good tailored suit, a good closet makes the most of any space and fits perfectly. Bedroom, stairwell or attic, what is the challenge?


Taylor made

The best thing about tailoring is having something designed to simplify your life. A design that fits you like a glove and meets your needs.


Smart display

We create intuitive and practical solutions so you can easily display, sort, and find what you need, as if you were in your own boutique. Of course.



Are you familiar with the more pragmatic version of our closets and closets? Ideal for less demanding spaces or simpler projects meant to be more agile.
But always with our essence: tailored design, premium finishes, and smart accessories.

Request quote

If you already have an idea of what you whist for and all you need is a customized quote, tell us all about it. All you have to do is gather the information about your project and fill out the form.

Welcome to the Studio

Are you an architect, a decorator, an interior designer, a construction or rehabilitation company? Talk to the STUDIO. Our office dedicated to professionals, offers personalized technical service, project design, exclusive solutions, and special conditions. We are here to make your idea happen.


1. What do I need to do to request a quote?

All you have to do is send the form with photos, measurements of the space and description of what you want. Include references and mention your requirements. Our team will contact you.

2. Are there limits on the size of a project?

We study each space and project with its characteristics and as it is all custom made, there are no limits. Our design team develops, alongside you, the best solution for your idea.

3. Can I purchase the accessories for a wardrobe I already have?

Yes, it is possible to purchase accessories for your wardrobe. Make an appointment to visit our shop to see our showcases and find out if the measurements of your wardrobe allow what you want.

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Feeling curious?

Come visit us.

If you are looking for ideas, come take a closer look at the options available and get inspired by the decor displays in our showroom. Schedule a personalized visit to your nearest store and get advice from our team, in all tranquility and safety.
Book your prefered time.