What do I need to do to request a quote?

All you have to do is send the form with photos, measurements of the space, and a description of what you want. Include references and mention your requirements. Our team will contact you.

Is the quote free? And the project?

Neither is free, but the cost associated with the quote request will be deducted from the value of your project when you award it. If you are not clear on what you want, contact us.

In the kitchens do you take care of the plumbing and electrical installation?

We do not perform plumbing or electrical installation work in the spaces, but we do assure the connections of equipment included in the project as long as they are prepared.

Does your service include construction in the space?

We do not do structural work. We ensure the installation of the furniture designed for your space and can communicate to your contractor the requirements for the execution of the project.

What do I need to be clear about when thinking about a closet?

The space you have and the kind of storage you need. A prior analysis of how you want to organize it can help our team design the best solutions for you.

How do I know if I can have a closet in a given space?

If you have any questions, schedule a visit to our stores or request to be contacted by phone or video call. If so, a technical team will travel to verify space and measurements.

Can you enlarge my room to create a closet?

We do not do structural work or enable spaces. We develop the project tailored to the area you have available, and we design and install the furniture and accessories.

Do you make bookshelves with integrated lighting?

Yes, we have several lighting options, which can be included in all our furniture, including bookshelves. Tell us what you want and come take a look at some options in our stores.

Does the budget include flooring installation?

Yes, we can supply and apply the flooring, or only supply the material if the customer prefers to apply it with another team.

Do you install floors and wall tiles?

We do not perform surface work or coating. When you start the project you should indicate what materials you will use to ensure consistency with your furniture.

Can I purchase extra shelves for a bookshelf made by you?

Yes, it is possible! We suggest you schedule a visit to your nearest store to evaluate the most appropriate solution.

Can I purchase the accessories for a closet I already have?

Yes, it is possible to purchase accessories for your closet. Schedule a visit to the store closer to you to see our displays and find out if the measurements of your cabinet will accommodate what you want.


In the bookshelves do you use all kinds of wood, like teak or mahogany? What woods do you use?

Our shelves can be manufactured in a huge variety of wood finishes and types. If you have preferences, talk to us. In our stores you can get advice from our team and see the available samples.

Do you make metal shelves?

Yes, we make bookshelves with metal structures, although the base is always wood and derivatives. Share your idea with our team.

Do you make glass shelves?

Our shelves can be manufactured in a huge diversity of materials, and the main structure is always made of wood or derivatives. You can include glass notes or elements, such as shelves or doors. To get to know all the materials and finishes available, visit our showroom. Schedule a visit to your nearest store and talk to our team.

Do you make bookshelves with metal frames and wooden shelves?

Yes, we do! We like challenges and new ideas. Share yours with our team. If you already know what you want to do, send us all the information and ask for a quote. To get to know all the materials and finishes available, come to your nearest store and take a look at our showcase.

What does the bathroom project include?

Design, production and installation of all furniture designed by us. You will have the support of the technical team to verify measurements, electrical connections, and existing plumbing, if applicable.

Do you make bunk beds for children?

We do not design this type of bed, but please contact us or schedule a visit to our stores to evaluate alternatives. Explain to us the result you are looking for. We can create solutions.

Does the bed design also include the mattress?

Yes, we also include the right mattress for your bed. And, of course, custom-made.

What if I already have the faucets and sanitary ware for the bathroom?

Share with our team what you already have. We will take everything into account to maintain a consistent style and achieve a functional result, but the project does not include the installation of those sanitary ware or accessories.

And what if you need a desk or a writing desk?

If you have a clear idea for this or other bedroom furniture, please send your quote request with reference photos, sketch, measurements and description. To see options, contact us or schedule a visit to the store.

If I move house, will you disassemble and do a new installation?

Yes, its possible. Just contact your nearest Linhas Direitas store for information about the best solution for your new space.

I have a store and needed racks for clothes and accessories. Do you do this kind of work?

Yes, we have a team dedicated to professional projects, ready to design with you all kinds of solutions tailored to your commercial space. Contact the Studio.

Do you make bookshelves for offices and companies?

Yes, we have extensive experience in custom-made projects for offices and business spaces. Schedule a visit to our stores for a more personalized consultation about your project.

Can I make a room divider bookshelf in stone?

Yes, you can use stone notes, but the main structure of our bookshelves is always wood or wood-based. As we make custom bookshelves in various materials, if you already have an idea in mind, contact us for a quote or schedule a visit to our stores, to see all the possibilities and combinations.

Do you make bookshelves for crooked walls?

We specialize in custom-made solutions and solving difficult cases. The existence of walls or pillars outside the “norm” is taken into account in the design of your project so that everything fits perfectly. It is best to talk to us to find out more details.

Are there limits to the dimensions of a project?

We study each space and project with its characteristics, and since we do customization, there are no limits. Our design team develops with you the best solution for your idea.